bathroom cleaning

10 May

One of my very dear friends Sam, posted this fun tidbit of information on her blog a couple weeks ago. You can read her post here, but I really have found this information to be SO useful! We have been trying to keep our house clean on a daily basis- it’s up for rent and it’s hard to clean the WHOLE house every single day. But when I read this, I thought it was genius! These tips are just for keeping the bathrooms clean, but you can apply this to your entire house if you just get a little creative.

And I don’t know about you, but I HATE cleaning the bathrooms. I’d so much rather clean them a little each day than get on my hands and knees and do the whole thing at once.

And let’s be honest, now that I’m expecting and my belly is getting bigger its definitely getting harder for me to clean once a week, but ALL DAY. Breaking it up throughout the week is becoming much more efficient for me.

Plus, it keeps our house clean for possible renters that we have coming through our home.

What you do is perform one task in each of your bathrooms everyday and Sam suggested using alliteration to help you to remember what the task is for the day.


TuesdayTubs & Toilets (alternate each week)

Wednesday = “Whatever” project (clean out a drawer, wash shower curtain, organize a closet)

ThursdayTop surfaces (wipe down and put everything away)


It’s super simple, easy to remember and perfect for any mamma who has an ENORMOUS amount on their plates. Thanks for the tip Sam!! It really helps a lot!

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  1. Carrie May 13, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

    Wow. I LOVE that. I dispose cleaning the bathroom.

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