little faith

9 Dec

The other night we went to dinner with some dear, dear friends. Minding our own business, having a great time, I was unexpectedly reminded of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

Let me explain.

Last week was a trying week, I’m not gonna lie. Up until the amazing trip I took to Cali (and I will be posting pictures about that soon!) I had been slightly discouraged all week. We are still waiting answers from a couple of places that are interested in hiring Jay. And I’m the kind of girl who likes to know what’s going on immediately. So waiting is kind of excruciating at times. I’ve been worried and struggling about whether or not we will have a job anytime soon. Wondering how God’s going to provide, where is the money going to come from etc.

I have such little faith. He’s proven himself to me so much already just in the past two months alone. Why do I worry?

Going to California came at the perfect time. I had so much fun hanging out with my cousin Sarah and her hubby, Jake. Seeing many other members of my family was refreshing as well. I completely forgot about my worries back home. The photo shoot I did with Sarah and Jake (who are pregnant!!) refilled my soul and spurred a lot of creativity in me. I came home refreshed and missing both of my boys. And I was only away for 24 hours. I’m a wimp. Ha!


So I came home and I didn’t step back into worry. I felt better about our situation, ready to trust and not worry so much. What will be will be and I have to be patient and wait. I have to. Worrying isn’t going to make it come faster.

So what’s your point?, you’re thinking…

Well, we went to dinner on Monday night with some dear friends. It was our intention to treat them to dinner. We can’t treat very often- especially these days. But when we can it really comes from the heart and it’s totally something we love to do. These friends of ours have been such great friends to us. Time and time again, I look back on our lives and they have gone above and beyond to help us, support us no matter what stage of life we are in, and stick up for us when it seems that everyone misunderstands us. We love them and I wish we could move them with us, no matter where we go!

So we are at dinner, having a great time, eating great food, enjoying each others company. The bill came and it was the typical ‘fight’ over who’s going to pay the bill. Of course we weren’t going to let them! We never get to do this and we definitely wanted to honor them. The waitress came, took the bill and all was well.

Until. She came back with the bill.

“Good news…”, she said.

A complete random stranger had paid for our entire bill. Yes, you read that right. A complete random stranger paid for our entire bill.


In this stage of our life, Jason and I are constantly reminded that God is faithful. That He has a plan for us and that he will provide- even when we don’t think we need it! All four of us were so shocked and Jason and I were humbled to the core. In a moment when we weren’t crying out to God to provide. We weren’t worried where our next meal was going to come from. We weren’t wondering how we were going to pay- He was still faithful.

I am blown away at all I am learning during this season of my life. Although some lessons have been hard to learn, I am astounded at His faithfulness and His patience with me as I always seem to struggle with this. I’m always wondering and worrying about finances and money. And He’s always one step ahead of me.

Sometimes I have little faith. But He’s always reminding me that He is faithful and that I’m in no better hands. I’ve never been more grateful, and I am so excited to see what He’s doing in our lives. Because He’s obviously doing something that I can’t understand yet.


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